Anime Females – Is it Wrong to Think of Them As Hot and Cute?

Anime females are a phenomenon themselves — they represent the ideal female, and thus tend to be more attractive than girls in real life. They offer the best of both worlds: blessed with great looks and an endearing personality. Who would not find an anime girl’s curvy hourglass figure, large breasts, and a refined feminine personality attractive?

Why would you find them hot and cute?

In a perfect world, all girls would be hot and cute with endearing personalities, and males of all ages wouldn’t worry about having a shortage of beautiful girls, or perfect 10’s. Unfortunately, that is not the case — in the dating world, there are the so-called “alpha males” and “bad boys” who date the most beautiful of females, leaving the less-than ideal girls to the betas and omegas. Also, males are expected to be the initiator of the relationship. Unfortunately, there are guys out there who have bad luck when it comes to relationships, especially among the shy and those who are repeatedly rejected.

This is where anime girls come in; they are designed to be perfect. Like most types of animation, anime was designed to immerse its audiences in an alternate world. What’s beautiful is subjective, so there are a wide variety of girls to suit one’s interests. Like large-breasted girls, or what about the little sister type of girl? What about tsundere girls, or girls that start out mean and eventually warm up to you? Have a fetish for ponytails? There are a huge variety of anime girls for any person.

Moe (mo-eh) is a concept found in Japanese anime, referring to a sense of desire among audiences. An anime female character can be considered moe because of her subjective attractiveness among her audience; this attractiveness would make one desire her — desire to hang out with her, desire to be her boyfriend, desire to marry her, or even desire to be her father. If she happens to get emotional, we want to be with her to console her, telling her it’s all right, we’re there for her.

Anime girls allow us to experience a fantasy like no other. Visual novels (VNs) are a popular genre of game in Japan, usually featuring attractive anime girls and a single male protagonist aiming to win one of the girl’s hearts. These girls are non-judgmental; they don’t care what you look like or how you act, even if you’re extremely shy. A girl doesn’t care if you’re alpha or beta male, or even an omega male. All she would like is to date you, and even become her boyfriend in the end.

Why would you not find them hot and cute?

An obvious reason why you might not find them hot and cute is that like cartoons, anime is drawn, and it’s wrong to be sexually attracted “to pixels on a screen.” Society pressures you to like real girls and not drawn girls; otherwise you’re deemed a loser. Anime girls are not real, and you cannot physically cuddle with them, kiss them, or even have sex with them. Even alpha males who are hugely successful with real girls might tell you as such to “man up” and get a real girlfriend.

Feminism has deemed sexualizing females in various media to be shameful, from something innocent like displaying cleavage to full-blown nudity. Due to the nature of anime girls, they can be thought of as being sexist and objectifying. You’ve got the ubiquitous panty shot, harem anime, large-breasted girls, and even the bikini “wardrobe malfunction;” all those can be considered sexist and objectifying.


Thinking anime girls are hot and cute is a harmless fantasy — such fantasies provide for those who have difficulty attaining the things they desire in life. Even if you can’t be physically there for them, the vicarious experience makes it almost seem as if it were real thanks to moe. It’s not objectifying the female sex, because anime girls are complex as if they’re real girls with personalities and emotions. Also, sexuality has been with us since the rise of man, and has been depicted in many works of art. There should be no shame in appreciating an art medium.

Let your fantasies run wild. Anime girls can be just as hot and cute compared to real girls.

Source by Ryne Dorig