Best Golf Books By Dr Bob Rotella

Dr Bob Rotella is recognized as being one of the leading Sports Psychologists in the world and regarded as one of the top 10 golf teachers of the 20th century and works primarily as a mental coach. Over the years Rotella has written some of the best golf books on psychology, which have helped golfers of all abilities improve their performance and have more fun.

Having helped improve the performance levels of some of the games greatest players like Tom Kite, Paul Azinger, Padraig Harrington, Nick Price, and more, you will certainly benefit from reading some of his best golf books mentioned below.

Dr Bob Rotella’s Best Golf Books:

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect – This is one of the best selling golf books in history and is the best selling sports psychology books of all time. It explains in a fun and easy to understand way, how significant the mental side of the game plays on your performance and teaches you how to become more positive about your game.

Dr Bob Rotella believes that how successful you can become as a golfer ultimately depends on your mental approach and that once you have cracked the basic techniques of golf, then this part of the game actually only plays about 10% of your overall performance, the other 90% being made up of the mental side.

Putting Out Of Your Mind – This is one of the best golf books to help you develop a positive attitude towards your putting performance. Dr Bob Rotella believes that one of the main reasons for poor putting is that golfers allow negative effects of the conscious mind to have too much of an influence.

By coaching you to control your mental processes and eliminate those negative influences Rotella will have you playing with confidence again. His key message in this great golf book is ‘take your satisfaction not from whether the putt drops but from whether you got yourself in the right frame of mind to hit the putt.’

Golf Is A Game Of Confidence – This book will seriously help you if you’re one of those players who regularly blows up during a round of golf. By looking at how your mental approach affects your performance, you will learn how to control your anger and have the ability to bounce back from defeat.

It will also teach you when you need to be patient and when you need to be more aggressive during a round of golf. This is one of the best golf books if you are looking for a way to enjoy and have more fun out of your golf game.

Source by Jack D A Brown