Cataclysm Leveling Addons – Power Leveling Any Toon

All new starting areas as well as the introduction of Worgen and Goblin classes will make leveling new toons in World Of Warcraft a challenge for even the most veteran players.

Those with WoW Cataclsym leveling addons will have a real advantage because they will not have to learn all of these new areas like those without an addon.

These guides are perfect for new players as well as older players that want a fast and easy way to level any toon in World Of Warcraft.

So, how do these Cataclysm leveling addons work?

The foundation of these addon guides are the questing system in World Of Warcraft.

Designed to make use of the best quests and routing in the game as well as eliminate time wasting tasks that do not offer good experience or gear rewards in the game, these guides help players focus on power leveling pathing used by pro players and even power leveling services for years now.

The top leveling addon creators are always busy in WoW beta making sure they have provided the fastest routes to the level cap.

In game guides tell players exactly what quest, items or kills they need to be performing through detailed questing information.

Along with the in game guide interface players are provided a guide arrow that allows them to easily follow along without having to figure out where they need to go to pick-up, complete or turn in any quests.

Getting a toon to the level cap in World of Warcraft Cataclysm can be easily obtained in only about 7 days using a good WoW leveling addon.

Source by Steve Phipps