How I Finally Found a Real Free People Search

Performing a free people search on the World Wide Web can be a very frustrating ordeal. I have found that the biggest obstacle is finding a service that truly provides a free service. What makes it tougher to find a good site is also the fact that there are hundreds of services to choose from and most of these services are terrible.

Weeding through all these sites is pain in the neck that most people would rather not deal with. Many people will give up on the notion that they can use the Internet to find lost friends .

I as well have looked for hours on the web for the perfect site but I have failed over and over. I started my search when I wanted to find an old girlfriend from high school. I started my search the same way most arm chair detectives have in the past. Using Google or another search engine to find a site that would allow me to conduct a free people search.

In my initial searches I didn’t find one site that allowed me to search for free and those that did wanted me to pay for the results. I then saw an article in the local newspaper that spark my interest.

This article was about a new service that my local county was offering. This service contained millions of records that the public could search and all for free. It not only had millions of records but it was free as well. So my advice to you if you are looking for a free people search: Call your local state and county and ask the court clerk if they offer a free records site. I have found that most counties now offer just such a site.

Source by Shawn Stone