How the Xbox Kinect Is Changing the Gaming World

The Xbox Kinetic is the innovative new way to control your console, bringing video games as well as home entertainment alive. With Xbox 360 Kinect, conventional hand-held game controllers could be a thing of history; it’s now just you and your Xbox 360! Kinect quickly became the top-selling consumer device when it was introduced in November 2010 – breaking all past records!! On its introduction it sold an average of 133,333 items everyday with a total of 8 million devices within the first 60 days and 10 million units by March 9th, 2011.

What exactly is Xbox 360 Kinect?

The actual Xbox Kinect sensor unit is a fairly small piano black device which sits on the top or even below your television. The Kinect is equipped with three advanced digital cameras located within the unit. The middle camera is an RGB one and can detect if there is any person waiting in front of the actual sensor. It is able to detect twenty individual articulation points for each and every person, which helps it to develop a good picture of just what action they are undertaking. The other two cameras on either side of the RGB camera, work together to develop a 3D image of the room. The cameras are able to track 6 players at any time which in turn makes for an interactive multi-player game playing experience.

With Kinect you’ll enjoy a completely new and user-friendly world of gaming and home entertainment. The technological know-how wizardry powering Xbox 360 Kinect puts you at the heart of the gameplay by monitoring your overall body motions, facial expressions and even your voice. Kinect responds to all actions carried out by the user making all on screen interactions very user-friendly and intuitive.

If you are playing football and need to take a free-kick, simply put the ball on the spot, step back and take the kick. It’s as easy as that.

Xbox Kinect will also understand and respond to your voice making the whole experience a lot more personalised. Take control of your Xbox by simply saying a command – there’s no need for a controller. You can even connect with other Xbox users and join chats over Xbox LIVE.

The Kinetic Xbox has sophisticated face recognition capabilities that can identify when you frown, smile, raise an eyebrow and more, translating all your real actions to easily identifiable virtual actions. You can even mirror every single movement to your Xbox Avatar, opening the doors to a unique social networking encounter where it’s possible for your Avatar to chat and mingle with other users on Xbox LIVE.

When the Xbox Console was first launched it began life as a dedicated gaming machine, but with the advent of Kinect it’s now inviting users of all shapes, sizes and ages to be part of this global phenomenon. The Kinect’s simplicity of use allows every one to get up and take part in a surreal and interactive world.

This is helped further by the growing number of titles which are now available for the Xbox Kinect. It’s possible to find games which will interest the entire family and give ‘family time’ a completely new meaning.

There is also an increasing choice of fitness titles available for budding fitness enthusiasts who are turning to the Kinect as part of their main fitness routine. The results for this dedication are nothing to be sniffed at with some users reporting significant improvements in their fitness levels. On one popular forum an individual lost 22lbs in a mere 9 weeks playing games like, Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape and EA Sports 2.

Serious gamers needn’t worry as they haven’t been forgotten by Microsoft. There’s a whole string of hardcore games for trigger happy players, including new versions of popular franchises like Halo and Gears of War.

What ever camp you fit in the Xbox Kinect does not fail to delight and entertain.

The incredible Xbox Kinetic is rapidly changing the way we interact with our console, television and each other. Whatever you do and say is magically re-created naturally allowing you to enjoy entertainment and video gaming on a whole new level.

Source by Arif Hanid