Perfect Swing Mechanics

Baseball is one of the most popular games in the world today. There are those who participate in a professional baseball game while others do it for fun. It is also a popular game in high school and college and most of the people who shine while in school make it to the professional teams.

To be good at baseball, there are swing mechanics that can be applied so as to make the best shot. There is a lot to learn, especially when you pay attention to the best hitters since they have perfected the art. There are some components that make a swing perfect and these are the areas to concentrate on so as to maximize the abilities you have as a hitter.

Barrel turn

Professionals usually tip the barrel forward, a cocking action which then turns the barrel. The barrel then goes from a tipped position to a level one as the pitch is incoming. This is a movement that has to happen just before turning the shoulders. If you can move the barrel, but keep hands back, you will be able to adjust to the pitch location and speed.

For elite hitters, the dead stand still is not done. Instead, the momentum has to be created using the barrel. Learners are shown how they should hold a bat at an angle of 45 degrees. From here, they learn how to swing down, which isn’t the right way to do it.

Weight shift and fire

It is important to keep your weight centered on the back leg while you create the forward momentum. Stretch and fire is a mechanic that is quite important for the purposes of achieving power. The concept isn’t hard to grasp. The lower body should be before upper body. In a swing, the elbow back should be pulled back against your leg. This is the one pushing forward.

This is how swing speed is optimized. As the lower body turns forward, it faces some resistance from the upper body and as the swing comes, it is a powerful kinetic energy release. There are some professionals who made it big using this method. The hands tend to well hidden from the pitcher. As the pith is released, they tend to move back some more causing the weight to fall forward while the player still keeps hands back.

The match plane

This is yet another important concept that most people aren’t able to master. There is a mistake that hitters are taught and that is to swing down. This leads to pop ups.

It is important to match the swing plane with the pitch plane. The bat angle and the shoulder angle need to match up when you hit the ball. When you have a low pitch, then you should have a low back shoulder while a high pitch requires a high back shoulder.

When a player is taught that the shoulders should stay level, the most common thing is that they end up swinging way over the baseball. You can drop shoulders so as to be able to hit strikes. When you swing with your shoulders level, you may swing the entire body and this would mean that you do not have adjustability to drive pitches which are down.

Source by Shalini Madhav